The name pays homage to ancestors who emigrated from Troon in Scotland to Adelaide in the 19th century. Since 1958 it also been the name of the premises in Adelaide housing Bowden Printing - formerly F. Bowden & Sons Pty Ltd - established by my grandparents Frederick and Isabel (Ross) Bowden in 1935.


It was my grandmother, Isabel Ross, who was the 12th child of Peter Ross and Jenny (Jane) Murray who emigrated from Scotland in 1862 to Adelaide on the “Castle Eden”. They never met on board the ship as singletons were kept apart. The couple met at church sometime after arriving in Adelaide.


Frederick was the 3rd son of nine children of Cornish emigres, James and Jane Bowden who joined the exodus of tin miners from Cornwall when the mines began to play out in the late 1870s. They lived in Helston, the main street of which still features a Bowden Home Hardware (2016).


Frederick and Isabel married in March 1914 and had four children. Harry, Ross (my father), Russell and Janet. Frederick apparently embraced the whole notion of his mother-in-law’s home town, Troon. The house they moved to in Marlborough St, Henley Beach, was named Troon, the business premises of F. Bowden & Sons (now Bowden Printing) was and is called Troon House. The boys' sharpie yacht which they raced at Henley Sailing Club was called Troon. The paper used in the printing works was called Troon Bond. You get the idea.


The firm’s delivery vehicle back in the early 70s was a white Commer van with Troon House etc painted on the sides. I was entrusted with the van to transport surf reels and surf lifesavers to Surf Carnivals at Southport, Goolwa and Port Elliot. One of my fellow travellers, Mark Cusack, often asked if we would be taking Troon House to the next carnival.

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